Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Dear Randy,

Just a thank you for helping me sell property that was in a trust. I needed to sell this property soon so the beneficiaries could benefit from the sale. In no time at all this property sold, and much, much sooner than I ever expected.

Your professionalism is and was exemplary; always being able to reach you, no matter if it was on the weekends, during the evening hours, or whenever, to answer my questions regarding the property was invaluable. By being accessible at all times, and always being polite even when my questions seemed to be inane, made me feel more confident. This was the first time I’ve ever had to sell property that I was named as Trustee and because of your constant vigil, and knowledge, you made the transaction seem effortless.

Another quality that I admired was your honesty in all of the transactions necessary in selling this property, from fixing things that were wrong with the property deemed an absolute prior to sale, to the hanlding of the reams of paperwork. When I would become upset or nervous, all I had to do was to call you and you would set my mind at ease.

You made this experience bearable and certainly an educational one for me, personally. Thank you for ‘bendingg over backwards,’ meeting me (to initial more papwork) where it was convenient for me inasmuch as I’m in Santa Barbara and you’re in Santa Clarita.
Thanking you Once Again,

Successor Trustee

Randy – Thank you so very much for all the extra effort you put into making the transition to our new home as easy as possible. And for taking in a stranger to your home. You are wonderful people and lovingly appreciated. Thanks again for being there for us. -Renee and Momma

Randy – Thanks for everything! You are wonderful to work with! -Carolyn